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February 27, 2024

Introducing for World of Warships

By Goldflag

Introducing for World of Warships

Since 2020, has been the top destination for World of Tanks player to view their statistics with over 1 million monthly visits.

When I found out Wargaming finally added submarine to the WoWS API late last year, I headed over to the WoWS Reddit to ask the community if I should add WoWS support to I recieved overwhelmingly positive feedback, so I began the work.

Today I'm excited to announce that for World of Warships is released to the public!

What is so good about

We don't have quite the sheer number of features that wows-numbers has yet, but I've recreated many of the best WoT features in this initial release. Apart from actual features, here are the two things that set apart.

Whole Server Tracking & Passive Updates updates the statistics of all active* World of Warships players every day, regardless of whether they use the site or not. This is very costly and resource intensive to do, but it results in more accurate statistics.

Currently there are 168,380 active EU players, 99,436 active NA players, and 109,652 Asia players.

This means server statistics are truly accurate since we track almost 100% of the playerbase (we do miss a few players here and there).

Meanwhile wows-numbers only tracks players who have been searched for on the site, and only updates statistcs when those players are searched.

*We only passively track players over 100 battles but any player with under 100 battles that has been searched on will still be tracked.

Infinite Data Retention for WoT has never deleted any battle data. We currently store billions of battles and have upgraded the database twice in the past three years to cope with the ever-growing volume of data.

wows-numbers only shows up to 21 days of recent stats. shows up to 60 days and the last 1000 battles of recent stats. Patreon supporters will be able to view all sessions going back to when started tracking their account.

Note that we've only been tracking WoWS statistics for the past three weeks so currently we only have a few weeks of recent stats.

Help improve

Please join the our Discord Server to suggest new features or report bugs. Also feel free to DM myself (Goldflag) on Discord if you want to talk about anything. My DMs are always open.

The Future

If is successful, the long term vision will be feature parity between for WoT and WoWS. This will the following features could be added:

  • An in-game modification that uploads individual battles
  • A more detailed stats page for each ship
  • Clan stats
  • Hall of Fame
  • More charts & graphs

Special thanks to John_The_Ruthless for guiding me through the development of the site.