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Uninstall Guide

By Goldflag

I installed the mod through a modpack:

Deleting your mods folder or uninstalling all mods through your modpack's uninstaller will work.

I manually installed the mod:

Just delete the .wotmod file from the directory where you originally installed it.

I installed the mod with the Windows Installer:

Uninstall the mod by using the uninstaller that you can find in your Windows Settings. mod uninstall windows

Alternate Method

You can run the same uninstaller by finding it directly in the tomatogg_uninst folder in your World of Tanks directory. mod uninstall windows manual

That didn't work!

Delete these two files from your World of Tanks folder:

  • mods/configs/tomatogg.json
  • mods/[CURRENT GAME VERSION][me.poliroid.tomatogg_[MOD VERSION].wotmod]

*Note that simply deleting the .wotmod file in your mods folder will not work if you used the installer with the auto-update functionality checked (enabled by default). You must follow one of the methods above or else the mod will keep reinstalling itself.