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The mod allows players to track their individual battles on
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Over 50,000 people have installed the mod and over 800 million individual battle results have been uploaded.

Install the Mod

The easiest way to install the mod is with our installer or through a modpack.

With the installer, the mod will automatically update itself when World of Tanks updates!

Supported Modpacks

Manual Install

The installer only works on Windows, so Mac and Linux users must manually install the mod by placing it in your World of Tanks mod folder.

Download .wotmod file for manual installation.

Manual installation instructions for Windows.

How does it work?

When the mod is installed, all battle results will be uploaded to and will be viewable on your player page. You will also be able to see the loadouts on all tanks in your garage.


How do I uninstall the mod?

Uninstall Guide