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February 28, 2023

Introducing V2

By Goldflag

Introducing V2

The team and I have been working hard behind the scenes doing rewrite of much of the codebase for the last half year, with the majority of the work has been done in the past 3 months. The backend changes consisted of large refactor and the complete replacement of existing infrastructure. On the frontend, I've done a near-complete rewrite of the website.

Why did I recreate

There were various problems with the old site that could not easily be fixed.

  • The growth of traffic to as well as the size of our database pushed my existing backend infrastructure to the limit
  • The legacy frontend code is of very poor quality, and it would have been as much work refactoring it as it was rewriting the entire thing.
  • I wanted to modernize the design of

In the future, I may make in-depth posts detailing the full history of and lessons I have learned along the way.

Tracking individual battles

The biggest feature of V2 is the ability to track individual battles with extremely detailed stats after installing the mod.

All third-party World of Tanks stats sites suffer from two major problems that sites trackers for other games like LoL don't have because of limitations of the Wargaming API.

  1. It is not possible to track individual battles using data from the API, and the best we can do is track daily sessions for players.
  2. The API provides a very limited amount of data. we we only tracking 8 metrics for tank sessions (battles, wins, damage dealt/damage received, frags, survived, decap, spots) -- which is actually more than what other sites are tracking. Other sites like Wotlabs and Wot-life appear to only track the five metrics that go into the WN8 formula. Individual Battle

With the mod, we have access to all the post-battle data from the game client and we are currently tracking nearly 50 different metrics with the ability to add more in the future. To me, this is extremely exciting because there has never been a better or easier way to visualize your personal performance inside World of Tanks.

Mod installation instructions

Bringing back was a WoT stats site that was one of the best community resources until it was shut down in 2017. vBAddict relied on players using a desktop application to send their battle results to vBAddict servers, not too unlike what the mod does. We could view extremely insightful stats like average credit earnings, map winrates, average survival times for every tank, and what loadouts players used. Interestingly enough, this desktop application still exists today and is called wot-numbers — though it only has a couple hundred active users remaining.

Now that is able to collect the same data that vBAddict collected, it's our goal to revive vBAddict functionality.

Currently we don't enough server data to generate server stats, but we will slowly release vBAddict-like features as we gather more player battle data from the mod.

What we left behind V2 has left out a few features that existed in the legacy site.

These include:

  • Heatmaps
  • Treemap
  • Some other random infographics like misc stats
  • Languages
  • The sessions tab

We will likely add back stuff like languages in the future, but we will probably leave other things out unless there is an actual user demand for those features to return.

Roadmap will continue to be developed on going forward, albeit with a slower pace.

Here is what we may deliver in the rest of 2023.

  • New tank stats page with:
    • Detailed server average stats with stats like avg credit earnings
    • Tank winrate curves
    • MoE/Mastery reqs
    • Top battles with replay downloads
    • Equipment loadouts + unicum equipment loadouts
    • Crew skills
    • Leaderboards
    • Per map stats
  • Map stats page:
    • See real-time map rotations
    • Map guides
  • Detailed general server stats
  • A replacement for WN8
  • A Patreon/subscription service for no ads and more features

The Future of

Creating V2 has been a lot of fun, and I hope you are impressed by the quality standards we have set for ourselves in this new version.

I would like to give my thanks to

  • Waikin, for helping me with signatures
    • Signatures are missing from this site since overall stats are incorrect for EU players. I hope I will eventually get to this bug.
  • Tengu, for some serious help building the new website.
  • Poliroid, for making the mod for me. In terms of impact, you've probably done more than me. Without the mod, would basically just be a reskin of the old site.